Software Suitability Statement's software tool uses weighted combinations from 10 valuation methods, and over 20 valuation premiums and discounts to arrive at range of value estimates, develop growth strategies, and create exit plans for companies that fall into one of over 1,000 NAIC coded industries. Software results can vary widely based on business stage, industry, and a number other undisclosed factors.

The software's range of value calculation may be unsuitable for formal business valuations, or for developing specific business growth strategies and/or exit plans, therefore we do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of it or any related information on the website. Furthermore, all software results are based on user input, public and private data sources, and other resources that have NOT been audited for accuracy or thoroughness by This further increases the likelihood that your results may not conform to accepted business valuation, growth enhancement, or exit planning practices.

None of the valuation, business growth, or exit planning recommendations are intended to replace the advice of the trained professional business advisors who are infinitely more qualified to provide one on one assistance to help users value, grow, or exit a business. These professional advisors may include but are not limited to licensed and/or credentialed:

  • Exit Planners
  • Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants/Auditors
  • Business Appraisers
  • Business Brokers, Investment Bankers, or other M&A transaction intermediaries
  • Information Technology Specialists
  • Financial Planners
  • Wealth Managers/Investment Advisors
  • Insurance Advisors
  • Bankers
  • Business Consultants/Coaches

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